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Remember, this is public. Do not discuss your current case or otherwise incriminate yourself.


No one wants their family members treated like the dog! Well Sheriff Joe Arpaio does worse. He is Arizona’s, Maricopa county’s, original gangster. O.G. Joe. No  other US Bail Bonds are so restricted in hours/time you can post a bail bond, like Maricopa county. Our right to post  US Bail Bonds 24/7  no longer exists in Joe Arpaio’s jails. You would think the number one law enforcement official in the county would be concerned when his own command fails to uphold the rights of the people whom it serves. Violating our constitutional and human rights are Joe’s specialty. No one does it better, all the while scoffing at the federal government and a special “one finger salute” for President Barrack Obama  Total disregard of the law, in ones daily existence, would define the word “OUTLAW” to me. When you do it in broad daylight, starring down any, and every possible accuser with your lip slightly curled and snarling… your a gangster!

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